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Friedrich Paulsen

German philosopher and educator. Educated at Erlangen, Bonn and Berlin, where he was made extraordinary professor of philosophy and pedagogy, 1878. In 1896 he followed Zeller as professor of moral philosophy at Berlin. He was a pupil of G. T. Fechner, developing his teaching of panpsychism in his Einleitung in die Philosophie, Introduction to Philosophy, 1892, English transl. 1895. His German Education, Past and Present (English transl. 1907) is well known, as are his writings relative to the philosophy of Kant.

Note by Rudolf Steiner: When Paulsen (p. 15 of his System of Ethics) says, "Different natural dispositions and different conditions of life demand not only different bodily diet but also a different spiritual-moral diet," he is very near recognition of the truth, but misses the decisive point. Insofar as I am an individual, I need no diet. Dietetic means the art of bringing a particular example of the species into harmony with the general laws. But as an individual I am not an example of a species.

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