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The C4 Computer Network

There are many different computers at C4 Systems, and they are all connected via a Local Area Network or LAN. Each machine on our network has a specific function so as to free up resources: while the overall workload for the network can be very high, spreading the individual jobs over multiple machines lessens the impact to our users, and contention for CPU time and disk file access is reduced. Additionally, we have two networks established locally: this effectively doubles our bandwidth, and provides a measure of protection in case one of the nets goes down.

. Egmont - the Shell system

. Werthur - the Mail/UUCP Host

. Faust - the WWW system

. Goethe - the X Windows System

. News - the Usenet News system

. ZIPPY - the C4 Virtual Hosting Engine

. Gateway - the gateway to the Internet

. PM1 - Communications server

. Haven - the Windows 95 system

. WinNt - the WindowsNT Network Host

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